Amazing Windstar Project is launching soon

Amazing Windstar Project is launching soon

Updated on: 22 September, 2021 Posted By: Imroz Mansuri

WindStar Games is the home of digital computing services for all types of businesses. It does not matter if you are an ethnic bakery or a multinational giant; our team of expert is ready to deliver your next big project with innovative ideas and attentive details. We have the state of the art techno support infrastructure and latest code programmers on our panel. Switching to online platforms can be a challenging step for a business. The expert programmers, web developers, and application coders make sure that your business gets the best online presence among all the competitors in your industry. Our team has experience working with around 100+ different projects of different magnitude. We encourage our customers to share their concepts and ideas for their online projects and help them realize their vision.

WindStar Games is based in heart of India. We are excited to work with clients from all over the world and have a diversified team. You can work with us for app development, game development, AR/VR development, and UI/UX design projects.

The main concept of this virtual exhibition is to invite a huge number of participants from all corners of the world. When it comes to digital facilitation the potential market is global. In this manner, the stall holders in the exhibition would be able to increase their reach and communicate their brand message far and wide. We are planning to broadcast this exhibition to big markets like Asia, Europe, Australia, China, USA, and many more countries. The exhibitors would be able to present their business on a global stage with the best technical support at their back. We also plan to support and assist the exhibitors in making the most out of their digital presentations and advertisement. In this manner, the exhibitors have a chance to take their brand into the mainstream media and catch the eye of big shot investors and clients alike.

The division of stall management is to help the exhibitors and service providers manage their presentation with perfect accuracy. There are many ways that the visitors would be able to interact and participate in the exhibition. To manage these communication channels Exhibitor would be provided with proper training and instruction manual. The visitors can enter into the main auditorium, training room, or meeting room through getting a verification code send directly to their emails. This innovation is to make sure the safety and security of all stakeholders. Meanwhile, every stall would be manned and supervised by a Super Admin. The super admin provides technical support for stall and manages the flow of advertisement, video consultations, and digital presentation of the stall.

For the facility and better utility of visitors the platform has been integrated with multiple entry points like Mobile, Webgl, Desktops, and even VR. Through these channels the stall holders would gain more visibility and interaction from their prospect clients and investors. The vase multiplication of participation plug-ins is assured to make sure that no participants is left out.

Thankfully, Windstar games have been able to complete over 78 web development projects and 65 plus unique digital innovation submissions. We are very grateful to our customers who have given us a chance to prove our skills and allow us to collaborate on interesting and challenging projects. Our client ratings are something that has helped us put on the map of this industry. With a solid team of 12 digital gurus we have managed to sustain a 5 star rating for 88% of our current portfolio. As a team we are eager to hear from more clients and broaden our horizons further.