VR Games Development Cost

VR Games Development Cost

Updated on: 4 April, 2022 Posted By: Imroz Mansuri

Every business is yearning to incorporate VR in how it runs. We have VR being successful in various sectors such as the military, architecture, and education. When incorporating any new thing in any business, the first thing to consider is the project's cost. Follow this discussion to find out the cost of VR games development.

What do you require before VR development begins?

Before the project begins, you need to prepare a project's documentation. The project documentation contains issues you wish to solve and critical features of the project. You can describe all of the above by the use of words or even images for more emphasis.

The developer's team uses the project documentation to design VR to suit your needs. The development company can assist you in creating project documentation. Project documentation costs $700-3400, and it may take 3-10 days, depending on the project.

Estimation of VR Games costs

A company may do a quick estimate of the costs before the VR games development starts. In this case, you get to fill a form stating the specifications you need. The game development experts can quickly quote a price for you from what you have filled in the form. 

What are some considerations affecting the price of a VR developed games?

The main factors that affect costs are complexity and time. A simple project can be done within one month by a single developer. Other projects take 3-6 months, for example, creating a horror VR game that requires about three developers. On the other hand, a complex task, such as MMORG, can take 6-12 months and need more than ten developers. 

The platforms affect the time required to have your VR developed game up and running. The platforms include Cardboard, Oculus, and Google.

The rates of development companies

We have two types of rates that you can choose from, and they are;

  1. Fixed
  2. Time and material
  1. Fixed-rate

For a fixed rate, you present your project documentation, and you are given the price quote. The price does not change, and you cannot make any changes to your specifications as the project is being done. It is ideal for those projects that have a short deadline, and the budget is limited. To guarantee the success of a fixed pricing project, detail your project documentation so the developers get the full picture.

  1. Time and material

In such an arrangement, you work hand in hand with the developers. As the project progresses, you can point out any changes to the project you would wish to have. For the project to succeed, you need to maintain healthy communication with the developers.

Estimation of cost by country

The cost of creating a VR developed games is different depending on the country. Take a look at some of the prices;

  • US and Canada- $40- $240
  • Western Europe- $25-$70
  • India $5-$70

Estimation of costs by the complexity of the Games

As mentioned above, the complexity of the games will ultimately affect the pricing of the entire process. A game that can be done within one month can cost $5000-$8000, the horror VR game taking 3-6 months' costs $20,000-$80,000, while the MMORPG ranges at a price higher than $100,000. The data presented in the discussion is an estimation as prices vary depending on the project. For an accurate estimate of a project, get in touch with expert game developers.

Who is responsible for estimating the prices?

The project manager is responsible for the overall running of the project. The project manager plans and organizes everything ensuring the project runs smoothly. The project manager you get should be efficient to ensure the success of the project.

As the project is being formed, you will be at many times communicating with the manager. The project manager points out how the project is going on, and when you need to change something, you contact the manager.

Testing of the games is mandatory. You must ensure it is done so you do not leave with a defective games.

Post-production costs

Everything requires maintenance since nothing is perfect. As you think about creating a VR games, you must think ahead. One of the things you should ask at the start of the project is whether the company offers a warranty.

During the warranty period, issues that may occur will be fixed for free. After the warranty period, you will be charged at $25-$50 per hour. 

Bottom line

The cost of having a VR games developed can be at $5,000-$300,000. The price varies depending on the project you are undertaking. In different countries, the rates vary. You can choose to have fixed pricing or opt to have time and material fixing. It is something worth having in your business or the games as it has proven to help many companies.