Fundamentals of AR Application Development

Fundamentals of AR Application Development

Updated on: 30 July, 2021 Posted By: Imroz Mansuri

The newly introduced augmented reality application has been making rounds in the digital circles. The people who are not familiar with the IT rules are able to make the best of their time with the help of this application. It would be possible for the people to make the best out of their day to day lives when they are working on the AR applications. From a marketing point of view here are some of the most important factors that an application developer should keep in their mind:

The Usability


The basic concept of augmented reality is difficult to understand and it takes a lot of time for a person to grasp the concept to the fullest. However, the applications that have been able to make a huge impact are the ones where the users find it very easy to interact and engage with the features of the application. They are not puzzled by the technicalities and they do not have to adjust the setting that looks and feels very complicated. Therefore, it is very important for a project developer to make sure that they are getting the best user Interface and introducing more interactive features that are easily relatable.

The Practicality


There are many AR applications that are working on the principals of making the most out of their projects and they are the ones that are getting the most out of their daily routines. These applications are able to make the most of their time and are added to the outset of making it possible for the customers to make the best out of their daily routines. The customers who are able to make the most of their daily lives are the ones who would make it possible for the customers to keep on working on the type of products that the customers are working for. In this manner, it is better to find a better use and focused purpose of the application.

The Branding

The message of the AR application should be straight forward and simple. When a person is visiting the app store they would get many options to choose from. For the most part they would not be able to make the most downloads if their application provides the users with the accurate description. If the customers do not have the proper information about the applications being made into something that is not needed they would not be able to make the most of the project and it would be impossible to get good responses.



The AR application should have a credibility that cannot be denied. By introducing a credential the people who are interacting with the application would have a better insight into its sources. The customer rush would increase and it would also make the users feel that it is a safer way of downloading. Without the presence of any type of credibility the customers are unlikely to interact with this application and they would not be able to make room for the improvement of the said product with the help of getting the best results from the said sources.

Technical Upgrades

It is best to keep a room for introducing better upgrades for an application. In this manner, more and more people would be able to make use of this application and the developers would be able to test the limitations of the applications. The data usage in the AR applications is quite heavy therefore, the servers sometimes get jammed. However, with the help of gradual improvements and upgrades it would be possible to make the application more mobile and agile.

Quality Control

When a new technology is introduced in the markets, it is not perfect and in need of many improvements. Same can be said for the currently available AR applications. The recent versions of the AR applications are limited by the technology of the time. However, as more developers are introducing innovations it is becoming better. For now, an augmented reality mask looks artificial and far from perfect. However, as the time passes it would be possible to make these masks more realistic and believable.

Working Speed

There are many old versions of the phone that are unable to support the newly introduced AR applications. The main reason is that these applications take a lot of computing power and they can sometime slowdown the entire operating system. The main goal of the developers is to make the application as fast and speedy as possible and make it more compact at the same time. With the help of developing better operating system and operational support system for the applications it has become possible for the developers to deal with the crashing issues and make room for a smoother version that does not take up a lot of space on the smart phones.