Mobile Game Outsourcing: the ultimate Guide

Mobile Game Outsourcing: the ultimate Guide

Updated on: 16 May, 2022 Posted By: Imroz Mansuri

There are numerous different types of games that people can play. However, the backside of making and producing games is a tough job to handle. Game development services are always on their toes to find something new and upgrade their pre-existing module. Custom game development is normal practice nowadays. However, it can be costly but due to the attention it receives, it is said to work better than nothing. To ensure that these costs are not going too overboard, businesses tie-up with outsourcing.


Therefore, the outsourcings of mobile game development services have numerous benefits and they can choose from a range of different options. There are 3 different ways how game developments can outsource their games. All of these 3 options need technique and also the right approach so that the techniques can work. There are tons of games now that outlook the traditional gaming methods. Now, people are most excited to try out new elements like VR games and AR games. These have a ton more to offer than just what traditional games used to.

Work with a company or a single man army 

 The first way how you can look for a good game outsource is through outsourcing companies. These companies know the exact way how you can develop your game the best using different options of outsourcing. They will offer you different but helpful ways how you can upgrade your game to the finest. Usually, when it comes to developing a game, it is crucial that companies should hire and maintain a whole team of developers. This is something that adds extra costs to your business. Therefore, instead of hiring a whole team, you can contact companies that are trustable and who know brilliant outsourcing so that they can help you out. These companies also already have experts such as programmers, designers as well as engineers who can help.


It is clear that going to a company can sometimes be costly even though they are going to be using outsources. That is because they need to gain their profit as well. Therefore, if you are not looking forward to meeting up with a company, then you can always try to work with freelance game developers. Even though it might be a one-man army, he will get the job done. These game developers are self-employed and they use their skills to code and develop games. They might be sometimes represented by different companies. However, you can always have a deeper look into finding qualified game developers to help you with your project.


Take control of your game development services 

 The best way to ensure that things are working as you want them to is by having your own development studio abroad. This has another name given to it and it is known as out staffing. Numerous agencies are going for this method because it allows you to hire the required amount as well as expertise in that sector. Therefore, there is no other person who does not have a distinct label. You will only accommodate those that are professionals and who know how to work with outsourcing.


This is stress-free and an excellent way how you can secure the best by working in your own studio. If you do not want to get all caught up in the hiring of different people then you can always look towards hiring professionals to do the job. You can also hire UI/UX designer to develop different sectors of your game. It doesn’t matter if you are using VR technology or AR. They will do the job for you.

Budget and schedule your development with the time

 It is no surprise that the gaming industry is expensive. It can be extremely hard to manage because of all the sums going into it. However, you can always manage your money and schedule it according to your need and requirements. Every company has to develop itself no matter what but that does not mean that you spend sums on something that could have benefitted your company. Outsourcing can also be pricy if you do not look hard enough for the right one. Therefore, no matter what you do, research is the first thing that you should adapt to.


Even if you are running an AR games developmentyou will easily be able to develop it once you have the right set of elements. Therefore, you can budget your way out by installing mini-games. These cost around $3,000 to $20,000. Hence, this gives you a range of options to choose from when it comes to adding simple mini-games to your main game. As a gaming business, you should always keep in mind that the cost of outsourcing will depend on your team size, stack, software engineers’ salary as well as other equipment that is needed for the development and the ones you already use.